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 If you are experiencing mental health difficulties at work, we can help...

Around one in four people* have been diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime, so you are not alone.

If you are off work, worried about losing your job or just not coping in your role due to your mental health, get confidential support through the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service, available at no charge.

Our advisers will help you with:

  • Workplace support for nine months

  • Coping strategies

  • A wellbeing plan

  • Workplace adjustments

  • Getting support from your employer, if you’d like us to.

So far, we have already supported over 12,500 people and we can help you too. We offer confidential support to help you cope better and get back on track.

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What Chris said about us

photo of Chris Reed

"Remploy’s speedy intervention really was my saving grace. My adviser talked the right language and was completely non-judgmental in everything she said. They spoke to my employer to help them understand how they could best support me. Remploy has helped me to see, understand and address the warning signs.”

 Chris Reed, Senior manager


About the service

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is delivered by Remploy and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. The service helps the many people who are struggling at work or off sick due to mental health conditions. There is no charge to access the service, and it provides nine months work-focused support tailored to your needs.

You can apply for this service if you:

  • Are in permanent or temporary employment (working or signed off sick)

  • Have a mental health condition that has made you miss work, or is making it difficult to remain in work.

Applications are subject to a decision by Access to Work advisers.

Are you an employer?

If mental health conditions are affecting your workforce, find out how the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service can help your business. Get in touch today to find out more or call 0300 456 8114.


About Remploy

With over 70 years' experience, Remploy is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist employment support for disabled people and those with health conditions.

Through our specialist knowledge and the experience gained over these years, we understand the kind of challenges people face in with workplace, when dealing with a mental health condition and we can provide that helping hand to overcome them and get you back on track.

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