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Apprentice Support Service - Helping apprentices cope

This free service supports apprentices who are feeling low, upset and struggling to keep up with their apprenticeship. It is completely confidential and run by fully trained professionals with expertise in mental health.

What help is available?

  • An expert from Remploy will provide apprentices with personal, emotional wellbeing support and advice for six months
  • We’ll help individuals cope better so they can concentrate on their apprenticeship
  • Develop a step-by-step support plan to keep apprentices on track
  • Advice on any workplace adjustments needed
  • Help an employer understand how they can best support apprentices experiencing a mental health condition.

If you are working with an apprentice who could do with a little help to get them back on track, get in touch on:

0300 456 8114 or send us an email enquiry 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for this service, individuals must:

  • Be on an apprenticeship programme (attending or signed off sick)
  • Have a mental health condition that has resulted in absence, or is causing difficulties to remain in their apprenticeship. (eg anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, self-harm etc.)

* Application is subject to a decision by Access to Work

About Remploy

Remploy is passionate and committed to supporting disabled and disadvantaged people to lead fully independent and inclusive lives through sustainable employment.

We help employers across the UK to realise the benefits of a diverse workforce, while equipping disabled and disadvantaged people with the confidence and skills they need to build successful careers.  

By partnership with Access to Work; a Jobcentre Plus scheme, we are delivering the Apprentice Support Service to help apprentices who are affected by a mental health condition in the workplace. 

This service is 100% funded by government.

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