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Mental health and wellbeing

Poor mental health is the biggest single challenge that exists in the workplace today. It is estimated that as many as one in four people will encounter challenges with their mental health at some point in their lives.

It costs the UK an estimated £26bn, with over 91 million working days lost each year through mental health related absence.*There are millions of people in work, hiding the challenges they face every day. As with most disabilities and health related conditions, understanding these challenges, and putting in place often very simple adjustments can make a huge difference.
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Disability confident

Do you want to know what it takes to become a disability confident employer? We can work with you from first steps through to full accreditation as a Disability Confident Leader. Click here to find out more>>

Remploy's Disability Guide, 2017 edition

Improve your company's disability confidence with our recently updated Disability Guide.
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Unlocking hidden potential

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Being able to engage with your workforce has never been so important. To maximise productivity and efficiency, and widen your customer base you need to reach all colleagues and potential customers.

Our experience tells us that there is often an engagement gap between disabled and non-disabled colleagues and customers resulting in a huge missed opportunity.  

The first step in addressing this is to establish the root cause of this disengagement.

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Free disability 
awareness webinars

Remploy has introduced a series of free-to-view webinars on a variety of disability topics.

These short 30 minutes sessions give an overview of a topic with practical tips and suggestions for further support.

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Improve disability confidence across your organisation with our Disability Guide.

There are over six million disabled people of working age in the UK. And, this figure is growing due to an ageing population. So, just how well equipped is your organisation to support disabled colleagues?

Our Disability Guide provides you with quick reference to the most common disabilities and long-term conditions, including learning disabilities, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, neurological conditions and sensory impairments.

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The Centre for Social Justice’s vision is to help society’s most disadvantaged individuals reach their potential by redressing social injustices.

Download their latest 2016 Roundtable report

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Source: * Centre for Mental Health