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Break down barriers for jobseekers and improve the service you provide

Unemployment is at an all time low, and although the looming spectre of Brexit is at the forefront of all our minds, the job market continues to offer increased opportunities for jobseekers. But is this an accurate picture for everyone?

There is still a disparity for those people with complex, and often multiple barriers to employment. We also expect that the focus for newly-commissioned programmes will continue to be those with the most complex barriers, especially jobseekers with health conditions and disabilities. Now more than ever, organisations like yours, need to establish a frontline workforce with a more advanced knowledge base and set of skills… and its easier than you think!

The new Employability Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard has been designed to help develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of those helping people to address and overcome obstacles to secure suitable and sustainable employment.

What will this bring to your team?

The standard will help improve performance across the organisation, and can focus on and/or develop expertise in specific areas of a job role for example, in-work support, non-clinical behavioural change models. This is also a great opportunity to help develop colleagues that aspire to progress into managerial and/or Business Development functions or specialise in a particular area; for example, mental health, disability, etc.

Here at MAXIMUS Training we are delighted to offer this standard to all levy paying organisations across England.

So why choose MAXIMUS Training?

As part of the MAXIMUS UK group, we have been at the forefront of employability and skills for over 40 years. The experience and expertise we can bring to help tailor an apprenticeship programme to meet the needs of the sector, and your organisation is second to none. This can include the development of critical improvement projects determined by the organisation to add real value to the learning journey. Our partnerships with Remploy Ltd, and Health Management allow us to incorporate disability confidence and support, and positive health and wellbeing in our curriculum.

Together we can improve the service you provide to jobseekers with the most complex barriers. We would love the chance to discuss this opportunity in more detail - to arrange this with one of our team, please contact us or email

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