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Issue 21 | 30 October 2019

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Welcome to our latest edition of the Remploy ‘Putting ability first’ newsletter.

This month Sarah Pearson explores the value of proper assessment and screening tools, as well as offering advice on when they should be used as part of a workplace assessment. We also highlight opportunities for our existing and new potential partners to access free quality training though our partner MAXIMUS Training, and protect the mental wellbeing of your employees through the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service.

The value of proper assessment and screening tools

When looking to address a challenge in the workplace and ensuring the right adjustments can be made, the first step is to properly identify what the challenge is. The use of appropriate, and relevant assessment and screening tools is invaluable. But what are they… and how, and when should they be utilised?

Sarah Pearson, a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant at Remploy shares her thoughts. Read more... 

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When to complete a workplace assessment with or without a screening tool

A workplace assessment ensures that, as far as possible, all parties are assisting the employee to do their job to the best of their ability. But when should these be completed, and what if any tools could/should be used? Read more...

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Are your staff stressed, anxious, depressed or struggling to cope?

We’re all juggling too many things at once, as well as busy modern lives, which can sometimes cause us to have a bit of a wobble. If not addressed, these wobbles can escalate into something more serious, and can start to have an even greater impact in and out of work. Let us help..Read more...  

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Calling all employers in London and Manchester

With increasing competition in the workplace, it's vital that employers upskill staff through training.

Our new Adult Education Budget programmes in Manchester and London will support your business to create leaders, and future-proof them for the jobs of tomorrow! Read more...  

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Helping protect the mental health and wellbeing of your customers

The Blackwood Group provides high quality housing, care and support for disabled people of all ages, with over 1500 homes across all 29 mainland local authorities in Scotland. Offering their customers the highest levels of service in all circumstances is paramount. Read more... 

Upcoming events

Join us on one of our many free workshops and webinars and increase your confidence around disability, apprenticeships and mental health in the workplace. Plus find out about the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, which helps individuals who are struggling at work or off sick due to a mental health condition. Read more... 

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